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When it comes to creative influencer marketing campaigns, TikTok is king. TikTok has emerged to become a serious threat to Instagram, with over 50 million people using the app each day.

Influencer Marketing on Tiktok

When content blows up on TikTok, it REALLY blows up – viral posts achieving several million views are not uncommon. It is notoriously difficult to market on however – it’s also not uncommon for campaigns to fizzle if not done right. On Instagram, we have more control, but on TikTok the rewards can be huge.

How we can Help

  • We craft influencer strategies specific to TikTok.

  • Each TikTok campaign we produce is unique and designed to enhance your brand’s personality

  • We carefully select the most appropriate influencers to match the goals of each campaign and your brand

  1. We onboard the most appropriate TikTok influences for the campaign
  2. Our creative team gets to work on the Creator’s Brief that outlines the creative aims and objectives
  3. We setup the Influencer contracts, including content licencing rights and temporal syndication
  4. We monitor and approval all creative assets before they go live, including brand safety checks
  5. We monitor deployment and optimise content performance on boosted campaigns

tiktok influencer agency

Tiktok Influencer Campaign Production

How Our Campaigns Process for Tiktok Influencer Marketing Works

Facts about TikTok you Need to Know

  • TikTok popularity

    On mobile, TikTok ranks forth in terms of popularity, behind Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram.

  • Reason why people use TikTok

    A recent survey found that the number one reason people use TikTok is to find “funny and entertaining content!” A nuanced strategy is required for brands to take advantage of this interesting platform.

  • TikTok can go Super Viral

    The default brand case study using TikTok is Ocean Spray beverages. With very little effort, and a stroke of luck, they earned 15 Billion media impressions in less than a month!

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